A Practical Course: Fundamentals of Coaching at Work

Next cohort dates:  14th, 21st, 28th May 2020.  3 - 5pm UK time.  (4 - 6pm Europe) 

Never more than 8 trainees in a group. 

The sessions are delivered online via Zoom with Password entry and restricted access for security.


 If you're a manager or consultant working with staff or clients AND you've been curious about Coaching for a while - then this course is for you.   During three workshops in May you'll learn the fundamental principles and skills to enable you to coach at work.    In your role as a manager you will be able to have a radically different conversation with your staff about performance improvement, target achievement, confidence, motivation and so much more.   In your role as a consultant you will be able to work with clients in an entirely new way, helping them to reflect and learn from their experiences, to get really clear about their needs and project goals and to gain their buy-in to action steps.     


Your trainer will be highly experienced Executive Coach and Coach Trainer, Liz Dunphy, She is a Senior Practitioner Coach of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is proud to have recently presented an Global Webinar on advanced coaching skills for them.   Liz is part of the teaching team on Sheffield Hallam's prestigous Masters in Coaching & Mentoring and delivers Leeds Beckett University's ILM Level 5 in Coaching & Mentoring.   She is also an experienced coach supervisor working with both UK and internationally-based coaches.    


This course is different from others in that there is an informal assessment component.  When you pass the assessment you will receive your Certificate of Achievement. 


Session One :  2 hours

Be introduced to your co-trainees, professional people who are curious about Coaching just like you are.

You will explore the underpinning principles of Coaching;

You'll realise where your comfort zone lies in the Directive / Non-Directive Leadership Scale;

Understand when it's appropriate to use a coaching style and when it is not;

Explore the researched benefits of coaching at work and explore how using an "Ask NOT Tell" approach could support you and your staff at work;

Understand that successful coaching outcomes have more to do with your ability to be still and really listen to your coachee than with clever techniques;

See Liz do a demonstration of coaching with a volunteer from the group.


Session Two: 2 hours

The practical skills of coaching: Listening, NOT Telling;

Explore Nancy Kline's Model of Listening;

Practice the Power of Listening in pairs;

Learn the importance of allowing those potent silences which enable your coachee to really think ( Alert: be ready to get out of your comfort zone!). 


Session Three: 3 hours:

Learn a thoroughly researched and practical 4 stage model for structuring your coaching conversations. This model will help you ask the right questions at the right time;

Turning your intuitions into questions;

Formal coach practice in trios with feedback from an experienced coach.   This part of the course is assessed by professional coaches, and if you can demonstrate that you have grasped the Fundamental skills of coaching then you will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Coaching Skills.  The vast majority of trainees will pass first time.  However, if you do not then a small fee of £40 is incurred for re-assessment. 


Cancellation Terms

More than 14 days before the first day - full refund. 

Less than 14 days before the first day - no refund (though you can defer your place to a future group). 


If you wish to discuss the course with the trainer before you book on please use the Contact Page to request a call.  




Price options
Once you have paid for your place on the  course you will receive an email from me within 24 hours to personally welcome you and give you a few more details.    

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