Coaching Supervision

My aim as your coach supervisor is to give you confidence as you start seeing new clients and are gaining experience in creating two and three-way coaching contracts. 

With PB Coaching (Novum-UK) I gained my Supervision qualification three years ago, and am now building up my coaching supervision experience and practice.   

As a coach supervisor, I am able to model psychologically-based approaches that underpin good coaching relationships.     My coaching and supervision practice is underpinned by the Schools of Gestalt and Transactional Analysis.  Therefore, when appropriate, I will model Use of Self and Here and Now approaches which are also key components of a powerful coaching relationship.    As a past Programme Director of the Novum (formerly PB Coaching) Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching, I am able to draw on a range of theory from Systems Perspectives, Gestalt, Mindfulness and Bodywork in Coaching.    If you are completing an EMCC accredited course I am able to support you in that process.

If you are currently completing Novum“s PG Certificate, as a member of the tutor team, I am also able to support you in the academic assignments required for the course. 


My style is supportive, encouraging and friendly.  Whilst as a supervisor I take a mainly non-directive approach, I will also bring my experitise, opinion and challenge to you in service of your professional coach development.


I am Leeds-based and see supervisees at We Are Wellness near Hyde Park Corner.   I also work on Skype.  

My supervision charges are very reasonable and Novum PG Certificate trainees are offered a small discount. 

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a trial supervision with Liz please contact her by mobile or email to discuss your supervision requirements.  

Kathryn Wyatt Jones, NHS Oldham

I have worked with Liz over the past 12 months as part of my training to become an Executive Coach.  Liz is an incredibly supportive yet challenging coach and supervisor.


Working with Liz, using a coaching approach,  I have extended my toolbox of practical coaching techniques to be become a more effective coach .


Through my coaching with Liz, I have also become a much more resilient and person focused leader.


Kevin Sheridan, Non-Exec Director and Internal Coach

Liz’s style of coaching can be descried as using creativity with a purpose. Showing and demonstrating alternative ways of approaching issues.  Liz creates a re-assuring approach to coaching supervision that still delivers a challenge, in a supportive way, to previously accepted ways of working.

I leave the session energised and enthusiastic. Ready to follow through an agreed change of approach or alternative methods.  Seeing the application of Gestalt coaching from the coachee’s perspective when in a supervisory session is revelatory to understanding its powerful impact in coaching practice.


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